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SideKick Slam
by Killer336
on 09/22/23

Welcome back, dear loyal fan of ours!

It’s been a bit since our last post, but you never need to worry. Game development is an ebb and flow, and as we work on more spoiler-sensitive content, we’re hesitant to show those bits. But, that doesn’t mean we can’t show anything! Feast your eyes on an old, obscure feature that yours truly popularized.

Bruce Lee

The almighty Mega Kick is back! In the exact same way it was in Battle Network 3. You’ll need to practice that Command Code to use it effectively! You see, unlike Battle Network 3, where they got away with re-coloring the kick based on the form the user has, we have to sprite the kick for every. single. form we plan on having.

Base MegaMan’s sprite sheet is bigger than your average Battle Network game, and unique animations need to be recreated with every form. Work like this needs to be done ahead of time, so we’ll “jump around” and program future content – content you may not necessarily have access to.

Guts Punch

In BN3, you had 3 versions of this chip, each with a different Command Code. We did away with that and created one chip with multiple commands, ala Variable Sword. This frees up a few chip slots for more ideas.

A lot of Chrono X is designed in this way.

That’s all for now. This update was only the appetizer. We got great things planned. Stuff I wanted to show off since I first joined this project. Feel free to follow us on our social medias:





As always, thank you for your interest. Thank you for your love. And thank you for your support.