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FAQ Last Updated: 12/17/2022
Getting Started
What platforms can I play this game on?

Chrono X is compatible with the following 64-bit operating systems:

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 11
  • [COMING SOON] Android 6.0+

What are the minimum system requirements?

Windows PC

  • Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11
  • 64-bit compatible CPU
  • DirectX 11 compatible graphics card or integrated graphics with at least 64MB (128MB recommended) of free video memory
  • DirectX 11 compatible sound card (if your PC meets the above requirements, a dedicated one should not be needed)
  • 1GHz Windows OS compatible CPU
  • 512 MB of free RAM or greater (1GB of free RAM recommended!)
  • 800×600 or greater screen resolution with 32-bit colors
  • 300 MB of free storage space on your PC

How do I start the game?

Windows PC
After you download the .zip file that contains the game to a place on your PC that you have access to, right-click the file and click on "Extract All…" and follow the directions to extract the file. You should be able to open MegaMan Battle Network Chrono X.exe to play the game. If you cannot extract the .zip file, you can use 7-zip. The game WILL NOT run if you open the game while it is still zipped.

While not officially supported, users have reported that Wine is compatible with CX, please refer to online guides to run Windows programs on these operating systems.

Not yet available

When can I get started in multiplayer?

You can do so at any point in the game with some restrictions. Refer to the Multiplayer_Setup_Guide.pdf file in the folder containing the game to get started!

Where is the save folder located on Windows?

  1. Press Windows Key + R, you should get a window called "Run"
  2. Enter the following in the writable field: %appdata%\..\Local\Megaman_Battle_Network_Chrono_X\
  3. Click on "OK" or press the ENTER key

If the above steps do not work, the save is generally located on:

What are the controls for a Windows PC?

Default Controls (may not be accurate if you've changed the control scheme)

  • A = Z
  • B = X
  • L = A
  • R = S
  • Select = BACKSPACE
  • Arrows = Arrow Keys

Unchangeable Controls

  • F1 = FPS counter
  • F2 = Soft reset
  • F3 = Enter interpolation mode
  • F4 = Fullscreen on/off
  • F9 = Screenshot (image will be saved in the same folder as your game save)

How can I edit the controls on a Windows PC?

You can change the controls with the provided MMBNCX_Config_Tool.exe program.

Make sure you reboot the game after you have changed the controls.

I'm getting microstutters/mini freezes for the game. What can I do?

  1. Ensure the game is installed on your device and not a peripheral such as a USB drive.
  2. Check to see if any other running programs are conflicting with the performance of the game.
  3. In the game's ini file, set the prefetch flag to 1 and reopen the game.
  4. We also recommend double-checking the minimum system requirements to ensure your device can run the game.

My gamepad doesn't seem to be detected / left Stick is not working / some buttons aren't working. What should I do?

  • Save the content of the following link as "gamecontrollerdb.txt" and place it in the same folder as the game's .exe file:
  • Update your gamepad's drivers and enable Steam's Big Picture Mode. Following this tutorial may be helpful:
  • If all else fails, we recommend trying Joy2Key or a similar application.

Game Ports
What systems are Chrono X planned to be on?

While we originally intended for the game to be exclusive to Windows PCs, because Battle Network was always an on-the-go game we are planning to make the game available on Android devices as well.

We do not want users to jailbreak or otherwise modify their devices to play our game. As such, the game will not be available on iOS or iPadOS devices.

Native Linux (specifically Ubuntu) support is being considered, but will not be decided upon until after the full PC release. Please note that while users have reported the game can be run on Linux devices using Wine, this is not officially supported by the dev team.

What happened to the Android version of Chrono X you guys used to have?

It was rendered obsolete by updates made to Android OS and scrapped a while back. Our next Android release will be officially supported and receive updates to support compatibility with current Android versions.

Are there any differences between the PC and Android version?

The control scheme is obviously different as to support touchscreen functionality, and there are some differences in how saves are transferred.

However, the Android version is designed to be as similar as possible to the PC version given the focus on cross-platform multiplayer and game save compatibility.

Can we get this game on next-generation consoles? Steam?

No. Each publisher has strict requirements to publish video games on their storefronts, so the planned PC and Android releases are more than sufficient at this time.

Further, we will not create or provide a build of the game for modified consoles.

Can we get this game on the Play Store and iOS/App Store?

No. Mega Man Battle Network (ロックマンエグゼ) is the intellectual property of Capcom Co., Ltd. Therefore, we cannot release it to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Because Android allows users to install third party apps via APK files, an Android release will be available. Apple does not allow this, and thus there will be no Apple version of the game made available.

Will I have to play the other Battle Network games to understand this one?

Yes, to a certain extent.

Chrono X is a product of the Battle Network community and will rely on some level of fan understanding to tell its story. That said, the story does make allowances for players who don't know (or don't remember) certain plot events.

If you have not played or do not remember much of the Battle Network series, we ask that you purchase the Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection to experience all the mainline games of the series.

What is the age rating of the game?

The age rating of the games will be roughly the same as the original titles, though we are planning for a slightly more mature in-game plot similar to that of Battle Network 2 and 3's.

When in the Battle Network timeline does this game take place?

The events of Chrono X pick up one year after those of Battle Network 6. This is right after Lan returns to ACDC following the events of Dr. Wily's most recent plan causing collateral damage to Central Town.

Will Patch/来斗 (Lan and Mayl's future son) make an appearance?

No. He has not yet been born as of the events of this game.

Will Star Force Mega Man (流星のロックマン) make an appearance?

No characters from the Star Force series will be included in CX, though you may see some small hints and references to the series itself.

How much do you plan to allude to Star Force in this game?

You may have noticed a certain Navi that looks a bit like Star Force Mega Man and a SciLab scientist using the Stelar surname. There may be more, but given Battle Network happens 200 years before Star Force expect it to be so subtle that it's hardly there.

Isn't Lan supposed to study in DenCity after MMBN 6? Why is his school still at ACDC?

To be honest, Lan is only present in a school building for the introductory cutscene of the game and that is the only time the location is relevant. Because of that, we decided not to commit the time to making the city containing the school and such.

Will we be fighting WWW/Nebula in this game, or is it a new group?

You'll be combating a new enemy group called Red Infinity, who are after the Z Parts. Look forward to learning more about them as the game progresses.

What are the Z Parts?

The Z-parts are the remnants of a beast once slain by Lan and Mega Man, but there's more to them than meets the eye.
Their existence is a mysterious one; both Red Infinity and the Officials are stumped as to the extent of their power.

How many Me.M.E.N.T.O.s will be in this game?

At least 5. To date, 1 is available in the current demo and 3 others have been announced by the developers.
Please bear in mind that any abilities or other gameplay of Mementos is subject to change come the full release.

Are there plans to translate this game for other regions? Is there a language other than English in this game?

Not currently. However, we will have region-based matchmaking in Demo 5.1 to ensure connection quality.

Is there anywhere to spend Bug Frags in the Demo?

No. Hold onto them for the full game.

The "Z Viruses" (???? Viruses) are generating health on the custom screen. Is this a bug?

It is a feature, my dude.

If I buy enough coffee from a NetCafe, the vendor says a series of numbers. What is that?

It's a lotto code. It can be redeemed in the Number Trader at Higsby's chip shop in the full game for a prize.
Speaking of which, here is a code that can be used for the final release: 24586483.

Will there ever be a ROM of this game available for GBA emulators? Some button mappings seem similar to emulator controls.

No. Our button mappings are similar to some GBA emulators for familiarity's sake. A GBA version of this game is unfeasible given our implementation strategy.
For a portable version of this game, please look forward to the Android release.

Will this game have cheat codes or save states like ROMs do?

No. To succeed in Chrono X, you will need to rely on your skills, hard-earned chips, and cunning strategy.

How do I save the game? Does this game autosave?

This game does not have an autosave system. To save your game:

  1. Open the game's start menu.
  2. Navigate to the SAVE option and select it by hitting the button you have mapped to A.
  3. Select "Yes" on any and all prompts the game gives you about wanting to save or overwrite existing data.
Will Dark Chips be coming back?

No. At the end of Battle Network 5 they were all destroyed and the plot of Chrono X does not concern itself with bringing them back.
For fans of DarkMega...Well, just keep your eyes peeled.

Will V4 and V5 chips return in Chrono X?

No. We believe that the EX/SP ranking is overall better than the V-series ranking. Thus, we have opted to go that route instead. It also doesn't hurt that SP chips will be powered up in Chrono X based off of how fast you defeat the SP Navis (< 10 seconds).

Social Media/Assets/Project Involvement
How do I get involved?

We'd be happy to welcome you to our Discord community, and we'd love it if you would share the game with people you know!
For those looking to get involved in a more official capacity, we are currently looking for spriters and those familiar with creating/managing websites.

If you are a spriter, share your stuff with us in #yais_art_collection on the Discord server.

Is this program open source? Am I able to view the source?

No. We've all put a lot of effort into every aspect of this game from its script to its sprites to its coding, and we'd rather not see that work effortlessly copied or ripped into a different project.

You are free to create your own Battle Network game, but it must come from your skills and dedication. Not ours.

Can I use your materials, aka sprites, music, piece of code, etc. for my own purposes?

No. All of the content of Mega Man Battle Network: Chrono X belongs to its ORIGINAL creator(s). Mega Man, Battle Network / EXE, and everything created by Capcom belongs to Capcom. We claim no ownership, nor do we seek to gain profit from this game.

Everything original such as characters, music, chip ideas, etc. belongs to the creator, and you need to ask permission of said creator before you can use it.

Can you tell me more about the story or artwork, or give me some more information about the game?

You're always free to ask one of the team members a question regarding this. However, we may not be able to give you an answer.

You can refer to our website and social media links for artwork, music, and more.

Can I add one of you guys on a social media site? Please?

You're welcome to add the official MegaDudes account on Facebook and other social media platforms, but please ask individual members of the team first before adding them.

How can I get started with Multiplayer?

Please refer to the Multiplayer_Setup_Guide.pdf file in the root of the game folder, it provides information to help you get started on multiplayer.

Can I access Multiplayer from any point in the game?

Yes, with the exception of parts of the game that restrict your access in some ways such as the "Speed Preliminary Round" in Chapter 3.

I keep disconnecting from my games! Is it just me?

Sometimes the game may disconnect if the information it received from the opposing NetBattler is inaccurate. This typically happens as a result of a bad Internet Connection. Try NetBattling against someone a little closer to your location and see if that resolves your issue.

For further information, please read the multiplayer pdf file bundled with Demo 5.

I can't connect. Is the game broken?

There may be a few reasons you cannot connect. First, check if both parties are using the correct BN Mate code. Usage of the clipboard and Discord bot on the Chrono X Discord server should mitigate some human error.

After this, it's a bit harder to troubleshoot. One or both parties may be experiencing difficulties with their Internet connection, or there may be too great of a distance between each NetBattler. Each person should check their NAT-type that's specified in their routers settings to see if Chrono X can connect in the first place. You need to make sure your NAT-type meets these standards. If you do not, then you will be unable to connect until the Chrono X team can assist you.

Alternatively, go into the KeyConfig tool that's provided with the same directory as the game and have both parties enable uPnP under Misc. When uPnP is enabled and working, the router's NAT-type is irrelevant.

Where do I find users to play PvP?

You can go to #acdc_netbattle on the Chrono X Discord server to find users that are willing to battle you.
You can get to our Discord server following the link in the header and footer on all pages of this website.

Other Questions
Does the game contain any malware/spyware/virus?

No. The game however, does contain anti-cheating measures as a result of the PvP feature.

The game is checked by multiple, always up to date, antiviruses before uploading to ensure that there is no malware or malicious code before uploading the game. That said, this game does not require administrative privileges so please do not grant these privileges unless you are troubleshooting.

There have been claims in the past that Chrono X contains spyware, but they were and are false. The game does contain non-invasive anti-cheating measures as a result of the PvP feature, however.

Rest assured that the game does not collect data and does not harm or otherwise change anything in the computer aside from creating and modifying the local save data of the game.
Feel free to use a third party tool to verify this. Here is a virustotal link for the latest demo.

What do I do if I find a bug in the game?

You can contact the dev team directly using the form beneath this FAQ.

Alternatively, you can search in #troubleshooting_mall_area and #bug_report_yuichiro_pc on the Chrono X Discord server to see if it has been reported already.
If your issue is not listed, please ask for assistance in #troubleshooting_mall_area. We will not be able to assist users that aren't in the latest demo.

When is the next demo going to be out?

With the launch of Demo 5.1, there will be no further demos of the game released. The next release after that will be the full release.

This is for a variety of reasons, but mostly because 5.1 will represent the completed "bones" of the game and to include any more content past that may spoil the experience of full game for some.

When is the full game coming out?

We are unable to give a projected release date at this time since there are too many variables to consider.

Will my game save from the previous demo work with any new demos released?

We are making an effort to make sure your saves from demo 5 and over gets carried with you to future demos and the full game. We cannot promise this for sure given the nature of the demos and technical issues that may arise as we continue working on the game. In cases where an old save file won't work, there is likely new polish to earlier parts of the game for you to go back and enjoy to make it worth your while to replay the game.

Is the final version of the game going to be free?

This game has and will always be free. If someone is selling or has sold this game to you, it is a scam. Please read the legal disclaimer on this document for more information.

What are the Mr.Prog and Riffman.EXE Bots on the Discord server for?

The Mr. Prog Bot is our little helper with disseminating relevant game information. He also has commands that let you streamline the multiplayer-connectivity process, such as !setbattlecode and !getbattlecode. If you type !help, you'll get a detailed list of commands.
Riffman.EXE is a music bot that also contains a lot of experimental commands for the users, some of which may also help a user with in game info.

The prefix for Mr. Prog is ! while the prefix for Riffman.EXE is ~ .

Can I advertise my game, stream, social media and art pages (Twitter, deviantArt, Patreon, etc.) on the Discord server?

You would need to get an approval from an admin or moderator from our Discord in order to post such things in the server as per the server rules.

Do not expect permission if you are not actively engaging with our community and not in good standing with the moderation team and users. Videos or streams of Chrono X itself are welcome and are permitted to be posted without approval as long as it complies with the rules of the server.

Other Inquiries, Applications, Etc.

If your question was not covered here, or if you want to submit an idea, apply to the team, or send us some other form of message, please use the form below.