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One year has passed since Gregar and Falzar brought chaos to the Net, and Lan and Megaman have been living their lives in peace. But a new enterprise of cybercriminals calling themselves Red Infinity have emerged to drag our heroes into the fight once more. In Chrono X you'll work with friends both new and old to topple this threat, but be careful - Red Infinity is far more familiar with the Hikari brothers than they realize.
You'll be able to indulge your inner collector with CX's vast library of chips. From old favorites to flashy new contenders, there's always something exciting for you around the corner. What's more, many quality of life changes are here! Mystery data will appear in battles more often, and if you score an S-Rank in battle you'll have guaranteed yourself a Battlechip as a drop. There's also the new "Star Rank," which will allow you to obtain multiple rewards from a single fight. But be warned: you'll need all this power if you want to go toe to toe with CX's intense level of challenge.
The Merge n' Modify Embodiment Navi-Transform Operation, or you can just call them Mementos, is a new system introduced in Chrono X. Utilizing MegaMan’s memories to alter his core program, drawing power from Navis of the past. What could this mysterious ghostly Navi want with MegaMan’s memories?
With Chrono X, you’ll be able to NetBattle players around the world via matchmaking, or a peer-to-peer setup. Crossplay is supported with the Android version.

Customize your Netbattler card with your favorite PET Theme from each entry in the franchise. Show off your skills with your favorite BattleChips!