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Having a Good Time Locally
by Killer336
on 05/17/23

The devteam’s back with another status update! One of the main pain points of Demo 5’s connectivity for us was the inability for two folks on the same network to connect to one another. Now that we advanced much further in our rewrites of the codebase and in the creation of future content, I feel comfortable revealing these to you now.

local menu

Demo 5.1 will allow players to connect locally on the same network. One of the big things we wanted to ensure was ease of access. Stuff like this had to be finalized now, so we took a bit more time to add it.

pc vs android crossplay battle

And of course, crossplay is still fully supported between PC and Android. To reiterate, we’ll be releasing the PC version of the next update first, as we don’t have the bandwidth to support simultaneous releases. That being said, the Android version’s development keeps pace with the PC one.

When will the PC version be released? I don’t think there’s very many things left to do…but our goal for 5.1 is to clear out any long-standing issues that we had since we released the previous version.

accredited chip

In the next update coming up, you’ll see any chips used by your opponent appear like this in your Chip Library menu. This counts as having a chip “on credit.” While you may not physically own it, you will have it counted towards your overall Library completion. This, too, was necessary to nail down and implement going forward. Might be useful for a certain Chip Order system down the line…

That’s all! The previous update was about AirconMan – a boss beyond what the next update provides. We’re making great strides outside of what the next beta entails. We’ve got a lot of custom bosses, but we’re knocking those out, too. Hm, maybe a video of the fight would be cool to show…

Something for me to ponder about. Over and out.