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AirconMan's Entrance
by Killer336
on 05/01/23

Hi, Chrono X fanboys and girls!

I’m pleased to say the website launch was very successful. Appreciate the wonderful reception. For major website changes, we’ll let you know exactly what we did, so stay tuned for those. But, to get things back on track…

AirconMan's Entrance

I welcome AirconMan to the large Chrono X boss roster. You might remember this guy from Demo 5. If you don’t, it’s OK. He doesn’t really like the spotlight as it is. Thinking back to Rockman & Forte 2’s iteration of the character, he sure had some crazy attacks there. His obscurity definitely contributed to our decision in revitalizing his memory for everyone.

AirconMan's Attack

We picked this from one of Higure-san’s Navi roster. When we chose him, Higure-san re-designed him and this is the result. Some nice animation work went into him and I’m proud of how he turned out. Here’s an attack sample gif just so you get an idea of how he fights.

And yes, he can hit 3 elements at once. We’ll likely create a video of him in action in the future once we get out something else you guys are pleading for. That’s all, folks.

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As always, thank you for your interest. Thank you for your love. And thank you for your support.