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New Status Menu!
by Killer336
on 01/24/23

Hey there, loyal fans. As you may have heard, Demo 5.1 is our vehicle to address any and every issue that we feel Demo 5.0 had. We have revised…a lot. So much so, that the game feels completely different. When you get to play it, you’ll feel it at your fingertips. But from a more visual standpoint, let me show you one thing.

New Status Menu

The text in purple indicates NaviCust Bugs. So, I’ve got both “Encounter Up” and “Buster Blank” as bugs. We still have a big change or two coming. Honestly, the better question to ask is “What aren’t we changing?” It’s not even the same game anymore, if you ask us. We’ll probably need some kind of cool way to present all of the changes. 🤔 CX team, over and out.