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TwinFang's Re-emergence
by Killer336
on 11/22/22

Hi, guys! I’m back to beat the drum of excitement. The reason this release is taking the time it takes, is because when it hits, we’ve essentially finalized our game’s plans. Because of that, we’re re-factoring the early game to make it feel far better. You’re going to be acquiring even more BattleChips, some old friends with fun twists!

Twin Trouble

Welcome back, TwinFang! Man, the artists did not have to go that hard with the chip art. Even if you’re a 5.0 player who maxed out the current build, you’ll still have quite a bit more to obtain. But this will open the door for more strategies!

S-Ranking with TwinFang

Boom, an easy, repeatable S-rank strategy you can steal for when the next update drops. Oh, hey, Quick Me.M.E.N.T.O. boosts it, too! And…did it break through a defense!? More to come!